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ID Watcher offers the technology and knowledge necessary to design and manufacturing access control systems, offering solutions made to measure for the perimetral protection, inside and outside, of your property.

In years of experience, we have developed a high capacity for innovative research and development that has enabled us to meet the latest challenges of most demanding markets and adapt our products to our clients' needs at a time when security is becoming a deeply felt issue.

We offer products that are continuously improving from a technological viewpoint, as well as from that of quality and reliability, in an effort to keep costs reasonable without overlooking the need to simplify installation and use.

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Access Control System
IDWATCHER's advanced access control solution provides end to end security in protecting your valuable assets.
Time & Attendance
Keep track of employee time and attendance and other human resource management.
Vehicle Access Control
Manage all the vehicles coming in and out of your property with IDWATCHER's innovative vehicle access and parking control solution.
fingerprints are unique to each person
they cannot be copied, lost or stolen
entry transactions are trackable
no more keys
faster to entry the door

IDWATCHER was established since 2001
Established IDWATCHER R&D center
Member of Biometrics Research Center Certificate of Golden Brand
Significant growth developing new technology, increasing sales and adding significantly to its line of products
Excellence in Export Award
Set-up for California Branch office(Education Center)
UL, CE, FCC Certified
Launched IDWATCHER e-training center (www.idwatchertraining.com)
Development of Embedded OA system, Web-based software
Selected from World first-class Commodity Award
Development of 900MHz Reader